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Xhorse Condor MINI Plus + VVDI MB BGA Tool

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Xhorse Condor MINI Plus + VVDI MB BGA Tool

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Xhorse Condor MINI Plus Cutting Machine VVDI MB BGA Tool Benz Key Programmer Free BGA Token Daily

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Latest Xhorse Condor MINI Plus Machine Cutter VVDI MB BGA Tool Benz Key Programmer Free Daily BGA Token 

This package contains the original Xhorse CONDOR XC-MINI Plus and the original Xhorse V4.6.0 VVDI MB BGA Tool 
and you will get 1 free BGA Token. Every day, 

Condor Xhorse MINI Plus Cutting Machine 

Condor MINI Plus Parameters: 

0-50 Operating Temperature 
Humidity: 10 - 90% 
Voltage: 90-264 V / AC 
Input Frequency: 47-63Hz 
Package Size: 450x450x350 mm . 
Dimensions: 265x362x301 mm. 
weight: 18 kg 
weight: 22.9 kg. 
the Power: the W 200 
port USB: 2.0. 
The display of the LED: 
motor speed: 9000 rpm.

Condor Mini condor Plus Features: 1) Between and the key is bigger than the mini condor .... For many XC-MINI buttons, the transparent case, such as the VW flip key, will not let you close the cover. 2) The screen is designed to adjust the angle. Many times the top machine goes up / and it's then difficult to use and on the screen. 3) Supporting the make-up is easier when installing a mobile phone unit as you don't want it flying around the back of the VAN. .... XC Condor Installation Clamp - Mini cutting machine standard, consisting of M1 and M2 clamps, supporting side, track, dimple and Tibbe keys, slim dimple / Tibbe keys. Requires M3 accessory clamps used for Ford FO21 & Citroen SX9 built-in buttons . information

Built-in actuate information, detailed parameters, schematic, sample, depth, key, tool for scoring, according to blank key, data editing, key shape, flat area, depth for rebuilding data key. It is convenient to synchronize new key data. machine Patent Certificates:Condor XC - Mini Plus has patents, certificates, software, copyright certificates, utility patents, certificates, etc. Tools for the Key Lost: Condor Mini Plus Three powerful functions for key data keys, milling cutter & bitting search, all key locksmith tools lost the job easily, be completed. Production process: Partial aluminum core Made of 304 stainless steel material. Net weight 18 KG. Light weight. Stable machine. The structure uses 3-axis ball screw transmission. High precision & stability over T gear screw


Original Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool Benz Key Programmer Including BGA Function Calculator 

Support Key Lost: W204, W207, W166, W246, W212, W212 (Old), w216, W164 2009 -, W210 (New Add) and return 

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA tools Introduction: 

1. BE key cryptography support and prepare a new key via the IR. 
2. the NEC V051, V057 also supports the board password 
3. NEC support the board, write and delete 
4. password calculated. Support BGA, NEC keys, buttons (including model 51,57), etc. fast work. 
5. Support renew EIS and ELV. 
6. Support write EIS and ELV 
Support create key file 
8. Unlock ELV 


function BGA tool Function Description: 1. Read Write Key 

1. Read key basic information
2. BE version. We read the password from the key via IR directly, of course, renew key, rewrite the key file via IR. 
3. Support IR repair key, repair key does not work via IR 
4. NEC adapter can read password from NEC v51, v57 version 
5. Support write and renew (NEC adapter) NEC key version: v51, v57, v28, v35, v40, v03, v06, v08 (Keyless Go) ), V59, V61 (in Go Keyless) 

2. EIS tool 

1. support through OBD read EIS data and IR adapter 
2. under OBD modes are detected automatically EIS Protocol for the CAN 
3. of supporting. Read W164, W209, W211 EIS via OBD gateway does not support 
4. Support read old Motorola EIS (HC05, HC08, K - Line) password directly via IR 
5. renew EIS, make 2 hands EIS new one (online).
6. Support change EIS, can transfer the original EIS data to new EIS via IR 
7. Support rewrite VIN 
8. Support clear TP 
9. Support disable position 
10. Support customize W204 ESL 
11. Support EIS test, ELV, key Work Status 
12. Support Type: 
W164, W164 2009 -, W166, 197, 212, 218, 246, W169, 209, 211, W172, 204, 207, 212 (Old, ELV) W203, 463, 639 (K ), W202, 208, 210 (K), W215, 220 (K), W230 (K), W216, W221, W639 2009 - 

3. Calculation password: Support key, function and lost all important 

1. Password The calculation can be With the password from the working key and EIS (online) 
2. EIS protocol supports password calculation (support other BGA NEC keys) 
3. Support password calculation for NEC v51, v57 no soldering buttons
4. Data acquisition time based key generation requires about 3.5 minutes - 13 minutes for about 5 minutes BGA version 
5. The calculation server: 30 seconds - 1 minute 
6. Now VVDI-MB is a tool for calculating the password 
7. . lost all the password calculation: now support calculate the password for W166, W212, W246, w212 (old, ELV) while lost all the key 
8. support type (With working keys): W164, W164 2009 -, W166, 197, 212, 218, 246, W169, 209, 211, W172, 204, 207, 212 (old, with ELV), W216, W221, W639 2009 - 

4. Prepare Key File 

1. Prepare key file means prepare key file which will rewrite key (online) 
2. Prepare key file for about 20 seconds 
3. Support VVDI-MB, EIS type, data and old Motorola EEPROM dump 

5. ESL tool

1. Support to read ESL data via OBD (K-Line) 
2. Support renew ESL, make 2 hands, ESL new one (online) 
3. Support change ESL, can transfer original ESL or EIS data to new ESL 
4. Support rewrite VIN 
5 . Support clear TP 
6. Support personal ESL, no need to renew EIS 
7. Support check ESL status damage 
8. Support repair W204 ESL NEC chip (fatal error: 0xAA) and Motorola ESL chip 
9. Support VVDI-MB renew W204 Simulation 

6. Renew ECU / Gear 

1. This function supports renew, write VIN, configurations Works for ECU modules, gears, ISM, etc. 

Package list: 

1 set x Xhorse Condor Mini Plus Cut Machine 
1 pc x VVDI-MB Device tool 
1 pc x IR adapter
1 pc x USB cable 
2 pcs x NEC adapter 
1 pc x NEC adapter base PCB 
1 pc x K cable OBD cable 
1 pc x OBD cable

Motor Single-phase HP 1/5 110V or 220V 50Hz or 60Hz
Dimensions (DxWxH) 310 x 360 x 240 mm.

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