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Self Learning Remotes

Jane is the new way
to conceiving the remote control

Jane is the new remote fully made in Italy, colored soft touch easy and fast to duplicate for gates and doors.

Why choose Jane?

Because you don’t find in the market a remote with all these features together:

1. Colorful: 26 colours combinations to choose from.
2. Soft touch: designed to be comfortable in your hand and pleasant to the touch.
3. Italian style, Made in Italy: you see and touch; it should not be explained and compared with nothing.
4. Designed and Made in Italy: Jane is manufactured in Italy, in Veneto, by a team of Italian designers and it leaves the factory only by having passed certified tests When you hold it you are sure to have bought a reliable product.
5. Immediate duplicability.
With all these advantages; Jane is the new way to conceiving the remote control!



Remote control JF
4 Buttons:  BAHT1,350
2 Buttons:  BAHT1,250

Jane F is a fix code remote with frequency of 433.92 Mhz that with a simple procedure can self-learning the codes of the most remotes with the same characteristics. Available in 2 or 4 channels, lithium battery 3v Cr2032, consumption in transmission 14mA, instruction sheet included.

RXJF2C fixed code receiver combined with Jane F, blue led. 


Remote control JV
4 Buttons:  BAHT1,550
2 Buttons:  BAHT1,450

Jane V is a fixed code remote with a predisposition to include the crystal quartz to determinate the frequency. With a simple procedure it can self-learning the most codes of all those remote with the frequency between 224-868 Mhz.

Available in 2 or 4 channels, lithium battery 3v CR2032, consumption in transmission 14mA instruction sheet included


Remote control JTA
4 Buttons:  BAHT1,650
2 Buttons:  BAHT1,550

Jane R is a rolling code remote with frequency of 433.93 Mhz and it works in combination with the RXJR2C receiver. Esthetically the same as Jane F, differs from the color of the led. Jane R is designed for more security in access.

Available in 2 or 4 channels, lithium battery 3v CR2032, consumption in transmission 14mA instruction sheet included



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